[MODDING] How to add a new input to a simulation?

I just made a Google Sheet from policies.csv, simulation.csv and situations.csv. In simulation.csv both the inputs and outputs are defined. But… isn’t that a little confusing to a modder or even the dev? Why not simply list either the outputs or inputs (but not both) for every policy/situation/simulation?

For instance, say I want to create a new link. I want policy A to affect simulation B. How should I edit the csv files? Should B be added to A’s outputs? Or should A be added to B’s inputs?

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Both do the same thing. If you are to create links between already existing factors, you are going to write overrides and you should be able to see that overrides aren’t attributed to neither of source / effect. You just designate source & destination.

+regarding the opinion that it is confusing… yes :stuck_out_tongue: it’s bit inconvenient to navigate.