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Employment Law
Labour Laws are divided into two categories - Individual and Collective Labour Law. The former is often called Employment Law while the latter being Labour Relations Law or just Labour Law. Employment Law governs individual employment contracts between employers and employees, rather than organized labour. It regulates various matters such as employment terms, work hours, employee rights, and most importantly, dismissal and layoff. This law can work as the last line of defense for workers in non-unionized workplaces. However, it won’t be well-received by either parties since it is unnecessary regulation for the employers and, at the same time, unnecessary protection to non-union free riders for the unions.

Minimal Cost (similar with Labour Law)


  • Boost/Reduce Working Week (*)
  • Boost/Reduce Productivity (*)
  • Slightly reduce Unemployment while significantly slowing down its changes
  • Boost Corruption at lower scale (0~20%)
  • Regulate Gig Economy (instead of Labour Law)
  • Boost Corporate Exodus (*)
  • Slightly reduce/boost Socialism (*)
  • Reduce Trade Unionist Membership at higher scale (*)
  • Anger/Appease Socialist
  • Appease/Anger Capitalist
  • Appease/Anger Self-Employed
  • (currently no plan of adding approval impact on Trade Unionist. might make this anger them at lower scale maybe?)

(*) these effects will be subject to changes in Labour Law or Trade Unionist Percentage

Other Thoughts

  • I’m yet to decide how to define ‘lack of protection from unionized labour.’ More workers will be subject to Employment Law when there are less trade unionists. At the same time, Labour Law being weaker than Employment Law could mean unions are not able to provide meaningful level of protection to their members. Both sound legit for me but I’m leaning toward the latter since it gives more direct control for players.
  • I guess I’m going to use non-discrete (continuous) slider this time and probably a similar one with Labour Law (pro-employer / balanced / pro-employee) will be used.
  • IRL employment laws tend to govern various issues including minimum wage, maternity leave, racial/gender discrimination, and workplace safety. But D4 already has dedicated policies for these so I’m not going to give similar effects to Employment Law.

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