Modding Newbie! How to add solo and social activities?

Hi! I recently discovered Kudos 2, perhaps my first legal software I bought snickers. Anyway, I just want to say I’m hooked, to the point that I want to tinker the game itself. Which made me end up here.

Well, I’m somehow starting to understand a bit how modding the solo and social files, but I’m still quite not confident about them, specially on how attributes and numbers work (like why some attributes have two numbers for example). I’m not sure if I’ve searched enough or not but I can’t seem to find a tutorial specifically on how to adding solo and social activities. I’d be glad if anyone here could give me some pointers about those to get me started

Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who’ll have the time to reply. I’m aware this game seems a bit old, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m not that good with the solo and social activities but I’ve had experience with them. There was once a comprehensive guide about this but it’s down now.

I’m not sure exactly where to start so it’d be helpful if you tell which part you don’t get. To be honest, I still haven’t come across an attribute with two values. Do you CSVed? It’s very helpful. It makes editing the files easier.

Hi there! :slight_smile: Thanks for replying. It’s all good now though, I somehow managed to figure out how it works (it took me quite a while mind you!). I’m having quite some fun concocting solo and social activities in mind, though I’m ending up now spending more time modding the game than playing the actual game… :))

Why don’t you check out my post and tell me what I’m doing wrong plz.