Modding NOW POSSIBLE (just a few questions :) )


if I try to upload my Mod to the Steam Workshop and I want to select a File, the whole Window gets closed and nothing gets selected

Hi, can you give me more details… I really want to fix this. I’ve been stupidly busy and apologies for not replying before :frowning:

no problem.

The way I try to create a new Mod:

  • Starting Production Line from Steam
  • Clicking the Menu Item “Mods”
  • “Submit Workshop Mod”
  • enter an Autor, a Title and a Description
  • Clicking the Button “Browse” behind the “Path” field
  • A Window called “Select Mod Folder” opens BUT the “Mods” Window has closed
  • It’s got my create mod in it so I select this Mod by clicking on it and pressing the “Select” button
  • And now I’m in the Main Menu, if I now go back to “Mods” and “Submit Workshop Mod” it’s empty again

Hope this helps you.
If you need mor information, just tell me and I’ll provide you with.

Hi in my case I can’t even instal Cliffs mod. I am subscribed to it but nothing happens.

I have obviously screwed something up…I’ll check all the settings.

Could you give it another try and let me know if its fixed now?

Hi Cliffski,

if it can help you, i have the same issue. i thinked that is there:


I have 2 differents users. The game start with my user and don’t see your mod. (I’m on W7).

Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry to tell you but unfortunately your update hasn’t fixed it.

I only have one User on my Windows 10 PC

This is very helpful. I am working on fixes for this now, thanks.

Hi all, Hi Cliffski,

I don’t know if it’s normal but when I have dowloaded your testmod (testmod.pak), I find it well, in “_unpack” directory in my user (Krys).

When I open this file with notepad++, I see the path where will go the files.


Hey Cliffski,

now I’m able to create a Mod and Upload it to the Steam workshop.
But here’s my next problem.
The names of in my case marketing stuff wont show up as defined. Did I do something wrong?

Hi, you just missed off the _GUINAME at the end of the translated text for the marketing name :smiley:

Thanks a Lot. That fixed it for me.
Aaaand the next problem:
The Images won’t show up.
I defined the like this:

Icon = icon_marketing_flyer.png

and saves the Images at:
L:\Users\DaNeubi\Documents\My Games\productionline\mods\GlobalMarket\data\bitmaps\gui\icon_marketing_flyer.png


Icon = /icon_marketing_flyer.png
Icon = bitmaps/gui/icon_marketing_flyer.png
Icon = /bitmaps/gui/icon_marketing_flyer.png

have worked for me.

Looks like this is my fault (subdirectories not supported yet on mod bitmaps folders). I’ll fix it now

Thank you so much.

Thanks for your Update. But unfortunately the Game won’t start now. (16:39 CET)

We just pushed an update. I tested the game here and it seems ok. Are you logged into steam? what error are you getting and how far does the game get?

edit: it was my fault… fixed now :smiley:

Just wanted to reply :smiley:
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Another Bug I wanted to tell you:

I just released my Mod “Global Marketing”
No problems so far.

But if I want to change the Image form the Game while Updating the Mod, I get the following error and Productionline crashes:


The new Image is called “global_marketing.jpg” and the old one is also a .jpg and in the same folder