Modding NOW POSSIBLE (just a few questions :) )


Hi there, I’m not sure what you mean here. You just changed an image and a line of text referencing the image, and the update mod failed with that error?


I changes the Image that should be displayed on the steam workshop and nothing else. And then this happened.


Hi DaNeubi,

It works fine for me. I putted the jpg in “mods” folder. (not in my mod folder). The good picture was send on the steam workshop well.

I just have an issue with strings.ini in my translation folder. My mod don’t see this file. :slight_smile: and I don’t know why.

If you can explain me, i am interressted. Thanks a lot


Hi Krys29,

where did u do a file called strings.ini?
I’ve just created a Tutorial that should be the first of a series. Maybe this can help you
You translation file has to be called like the thing you change/add.

For example. If you add some marketing things like I did, the file in your translation folder has to be called marketing.ini.