Modding NOW POSSIBLE (just a few questions :) )

Hi there, I’m not sure what you mean here. You just changed an image and a line of text referencing the image, and the update mod failed with that error?

I changes the Image that should be displayed on the steam workshop and nothing else. And then this happened.

Hi DaNeubi,

It works fine for me. I putted the jpg in “mods” folder. (not in my mod folder). The good picture was send on the steam workshop well.

I just have an issue with strings.ini in my translation folder. My mod don’t see this file. :slight_smile: and I don’t know why.

If you can explain me, i am interressted. Thanks a lot

Hi Krys29,

where did u do a file called strings.ini?
I’ve just created a Tutorial that should be the first of a series. Maybe this can help you
You translation file has to be called like the thing you change/add.

For example. If you add some marketing things like I did, the file in your translation folder has to be called marketing.ini.

How can I over write default entries in a *.csv file? Or for that matter any other default.

I would like to add the supply stockpiles I have made to the Mini Supply Stockpile research. But if I add a line with same key to my mod I just get a duplicated research item instead of over writing the original line.

Being unable to make changes to the default files is hindering me in making mods that change de default behavior.

Also I see being used as icon for conveyors but am unable to find such a file. Is it hard-coded part of the executable or am I going blind (distinct possibility)?


I also haven’t been sucessfull with overwriting existing Objects.
I thinks this is not possible right now.

The neither exists for me in the productionline folder

Hi all,

I think that this picture (dds format) is the name for build the taskpicker,

In data \ bitmap \ atlases directory, you have 2 files for the taskpicker (1 dds and 1 atl) where game is installed.

the DDS contains all des pictures for the taskpicker and the ATL contains all the coordinates for found these pictures in the DDS.

Here in picture :



For my tests, I created “pistons” are in game and the slot works fine.

vidéo : Test Modding

For me, the engine have 4 pistons (somtimes 6 or 8) so 8 valves.
How to overwrite the key and value in make_engine_assembly.ini (4 valves no pistons) in [resources] section ?
I wish to add 4 valves and the pistons, but i must create a new make engine assembly. I have so a second slots make_engine_assembly in taskpicker. (The original and my mod).

Thanks will have a look at the task picker tonight.

No seems to know how to overwrite default data. The mods only seem to be able to add things and not change existing data.

Indeed, that’s what I saw last week. the game files have priority over mods. I spent the whole week-end looking for a way to read and reinject sections, keys and values in .INI files.

There are in my opinion 2 possibilities:

1 - Modification of the program by Cliffski to check that if the different initialization files present in the mod’s directory are identical to the originals, then, it should be them which are read in priority.

2 - By an injector (Php) that reads, stores, compares, modifies, rewrites, saves, and closes the files. This point seems to me all the same complicated to implement on the game, especially that it would be a way of diverting to running the program. But it would be possible.