Modding on a Mac

This question has been asked before and I’ve tried the “right click/show package contents/resources” but then there is no data folder! There are no .ini or .csv folders. There is an “English.lproj” folder with various .dib files in it.

There is nothing in my documents folder like with other games that are moddable (like SimCity 4 or the Sims 2/3).

What do I do? This game gets a little boring if you can’t upgrade it.

Also, even though I’ve clicked on “online” and pressed update, the game still says version 1.11. Is this correct?

Any info would be appreciated!


I’m kinda disappointed that I never got an answer to this! I’ve tried everything to make mods work in the game, but nothing has worked. Has anybody had luck with getting mods to work on the Mac version?

I run Snow Leopard (OS 10.6).

I also run WinXP on this computer… so maybe I should just get the windows version and do it that way. It would be a shame for such a great and easily moddable game to be non-moddable on the mac.

Sorry we’re just seeing this now. The “data” folder definitely is inside Contents/Resources inside the application package, though, and all of the files in the data folder are exactly the same as on the PC side, so modding should work exactly the same…

i bought democracy 2 for man over the new appstore in osx 10.7

there was no installation packages or folders, just the file with the game on it

thanks to this i cant mod at all or even change anything major with the game

on top of this the game isnt properly configured to work my screens resolution or a 13" screen itself, any chance of some help here, id really love to be able to mod this game

ok so it turns out it is moddable, the folders can be found on a mac by right clicking and opening show package contents and the folders for changing the game are there.

there is still a few problems though with this

  1. there is no policies folder only the .csv file and if this is edited on a mac it cant be saved back into .csv because numbers only allows the tables to be saved in numbers or excel formats
  2. any mods people have uploaded with a form of autoinstall cannot be used as this is a .exe file which can only run on windows comupters

can anyone fix/help with this?

I’m on a Mac as well, any support or information anyone could provide for going about modding the game on a Mac would be helpful. :slight_smile: