Modding Problem

Hey cliffy bought the game a few days ago, love it, been playing it non-stop.

I wanted to make some new jobs and on the web site it says they are located in my documents, but when I go there, i see no folder anywhere named kudos or positech game… where is it? I did find an excel file in the main directory but I would rather do the seprate text files so I can submit them here.


Mine is in My Documents/kudos/ and there I have mods and savegames, in the mods directory I have avatars, jobs, potraits_f and potraits_m.

I guess if you don’t have that structure you could create it but then you might wonder, where do your savegames go right now? :slight_smile:

Might be worth to do a search for kudos if you can’t find it in My Documents.

if you dont have XP, its not there. Instead, the game has created another directory, I think its called ‘userdir’ and its inside the main kudos directory. Thats because the MyDocuments stuff only works properly on XP.
But the same structure should exist, and mods should still work.

ahh that would explain it, I’m running vista, thanks! :wink:

vista!!! you crazy fool!
Maybe I need to update my code to detect vista too…

I know I’m like a ticking time bomb, scarey :slight_smile:

Just as a matter of interest, CzarTim – Kudos works in Vista for you? I’m running Vista in a VMWare virtual box, and Kudos doesn’t like running in that for me at all – the cursor goes mad – so I wondered if you were using any particular special settings or if it’s just a VMWare issue.


At first the cursor was erratic, however after closing all other background programs it seems to work great

Ah, that’ll be the problem, then. Even when I’ve closed all applications, VMWare itself is still running in the task manager. Ah, poop. I wonder if it would work if I could get it into Window mode.

This is just a curiosity thing, you understand – I’m not as brave as you, couldn’t bring myself to let Vista loose on my PC :slight_smile: Actually, I find Vista just about as alien as Linux, similar in many ways too, so if I ever had to have a more modern OS I’d probably go the Linux route with a virtual box for my Windows games. Need to make sure they’d work in a virtual box first, though, of course.

Edit – for anyone who is interested, yes, setting it to windowed mode manually in CONFIG.MUF fixed the mouse problem. Alas, though, none of the words show up whether in windowed mode or full screen, and this could be to do with VMWare’s video handling – it has its own video drivers.

Nah, you could just use Wine in Linux to run windows programs,

(No, I don’t have Linux, but I don’t know how wine works entirely)

I think that there could be problems with Wine, as it’s really an emulator of the OS. It’s kind-of like the difference between the Mac emulator for Windows “Executor 2”, which tries to emulate everything about a Mac and still has compatibility issues, and an emulator such as “Bazilisk II” or PearPC, both of which require you to have binary dumps of Mac ROMs and OSes as files for them to use.

The trouble with an emulator such as Wine or Executor is that everything has to be written in from the ground up, and some things will most likely not work because of something not yet implemented or only partially so. The point with a virtual machine is that you can have the full OS in there, and all that needs to be handled by the virtual box is the connections with hardware and the host OS.

The problem in this particular case would appear to lie in the graphics-card drivers that VMWare uses.


For the techies amongst you, the reason the text probably doesnt show up in that case is because Kudos uses GDI to render its text, and does multiple GDI locks per frame within DirectX. People advise against you doing that for performance reasons, but in a turn-based game its no big deal. (It gives really crisp text).
Possibly whoever wrote the emulation stuff assumed that you dont get multiple GDI locks per frame in a DirectX app.

LOL! Ah, okay – thanks for the explanation, Cliffski. Now I can stop scratching my head about it and get on with playing the game :wink:

Hello i`m working on Parrot and Rat pet mods. How should i name the mod directory and parrotfood/ratfood/parrot/rat files?

I’m not sure it would be possible to do that yet, unless you renamed all of the data for one of the other pets. I should have made the pets more extendable, its on my list.

How about some giant snails? Very therapeutic and a doddle to look after.

Or different types of fish :wink:

Heh, I have no idea how old this thread is; I was just looking to see if anyone had any luck running Democracy via Wine in Linux, and this is the only thread that even had the word “Linux” in it. I just had to respond to the comment below…


Wine Is Not and Emulator

Just a little in-joke for anyone here who knows about Linux. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Bah, it took out my whitespace. See, check the first (capitalized) letter in each work… bah. Jokes are only funny when you don’t have to explain them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it was an ‘an’


I do rember hearing that somewhere… (Wine Is Not an Emulator)

LOL – the joke works for me. I have a simple mind :wink:

I too like the idea of a large variety of pets, although cats are my favourite… Talking of which, I was sad to read that Tobin had to go back to the RSPCA. I hope he got a good new home eventually. I foster cats for a local charity, so I know how hard it is when cats just don’t get along.