Modding questions


I work on mod aiming to be able to describe transformation economy - the process of change from communism to democracy. Mod also aims to bring some additional features like new technologies/policies, warfare, improved corruption simulation etc. Hopefully I will have beta finished at theš end of week. I would like to ask several questions:

  1. Presently my mod is build using other modes - they are incoporated to save some work. Is this allowed? My plan was to metion all other autors and names of mods; and release two versions of mode - full and differential.
  2. Howe to create edicts? It should be policy with no slider. For instance, Martial Law - you have it or not.
  3. Would like like some fun policies like Skynet, Cobalt Chlorium Gamma Dommsday Device (I love that movie) etc?
  4. Do you preffer realism?

Thnak you for answers in advance.

I certainly prefer realism. It’s a game so it ought to be as realistic as possible to compensate for the fundamental limit as to how real it will be.

Personally, I preffer fun. I will try to combine both approaches. You shouldn’t hesitate with game purchase, it is really good.

I have additional question:

  1. Is it possible to create conditional policies? You would be required to implement policy X before Y. Other approach would cancel/issue policy when some condition (situation) is met. I.e. you can’t build Great Firewall (prevents cyber warefare and internet crime, is hated by liberals) with low technology.

  2. Is Unicode supported?



Here are my answers to the questions!

  1. You would have to ask the permission of the authors in question. Some of them may be okay with it, some may not.
  2. You cannot remove the slider, but the slider doesn’t have to do anything. For instance, you can have an effect like:

Here the policy won’t have any influence on the size of the effect on the because you have multiplied it by 0.
3) I like variety and I would be interested to see what can be done with more out-there ideas. However, I also like mods that have a coherent theme and a central core idea? Rather than a mess of different things that maybe don’t all gel, and I only have the option to take all of it or none of it.
4) Generally, yes, but as stated I’d be interested as well to see what can be done with more unusual ideas.
5) Not that I’m aware of. This would be a nice feature, though.
6) I think the answer to this is no but I think Cliffski would better be able to tell you.

Hope that helps.


Thank you.

ad 1) That may delay release. Mod basically incorporates all currently existing and it is addition to all of them.

ad 2) I have had similar idea:

#,LandReform,Land Reform,default,"Land is taken from big owners and given to small land owners and those not having any. Loved by poor and socialists, hated by rich and capitalists.",,40,40,20,20,WELFARE,0,0,,1,0,0,,#Effects,,,,,,,,,,,

ad 3) and ad 4) Yes, this is really good point. It might be better to create higher number (than one) of smaller mods than one huge.

ad 5) and ad 6) Hopefully, I will get Cliffski’s attention.

Hi, unfortunately we do not have support for the capability to require policy X before policy Y is available. I agree this would be really good, it’s something I’d love to add, but it’s not quite as simple as it sounds, mostly due to GUI reasons. For example if you cancel the pre-requisite policy, that has to then automatically cancel the subsequent policy, should the player be told? it also means some policies need to be greyed out if other policies are not present, and needs a way to indicate that to the player.
None of that sounds complex, but it’s more work than you might think :smiley:

Regarding unicode… sorry but no, it is not supported. Making a game support unicode is a right pain. I was determined to do it this time…but I wimped out. I may yet patch it in, although that involved a huge amount of re-plumbing. I’d love to, for obvious reasons.