Modding requests fulfilled in patch 1.61

As requested, in the next patch (1.61) :

  1. to restrict a module to more than one race:
restricted = "empire,alliance"

(any number of races, comma separated)

  1. to prevent an entire race using any vanilla tech, add this line to a race’s config file:
allow_default_tech = 0
  1. to prevent a hull from being available to the player in the Ship Design screen, add this line to the hull’s file:
available_to_player = 0


You sir - are a champion, thank you very much !

All of theme will be great additions to modding. The first will be great, especially for those who do mods with multiple races (like GATC’s Xedilco). Restricted modules will make an interesting change for races.

Personally I was looking forward to the hidden hulls. A potential use for hidden hulls would be sneaking in experimental hulls and modules in release for optional public testing, with anyone who wants to test to test turning it off.

Oh my, the possibilities.

This is a triple dose of awesome. I can see all kinds of uses for these tidbits already - and that’s without delving deep into my mile-long list of future modding projects. Cliff, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I salute you!

Now, the restriction of only a kind of tech ^^

Cliff, thank you for fulfilling these 3 requests I submitted to you for GSB v1.61. Such powerful features greatly extend the ability of the modding community to dive deeper into the sea of creativity. It will be interesting to see what use people make of them.

Who do you think lobbied to get those changes into the patch less than a day and a half before said patch became a reality, mate? See above. :wink:

WOA WHO! That is all.

Thanks Cliff !

Thanks Cliff!!!

Ok, patch 1.61 is live and should have all of this in it.