Modding Scenario Objectives - Type of Cure

I was just wondering whether it is possible to specify the type of cure created? So, for example, could you have a scenario where you have to do 300 Eases Migraine but which were specifically a pill? Or 150 Cures Tuberculosis that were specifically a syringe? I was having a look through the information on modding and couldn’t see anything other than about changing quantities/cure ratings etc.

Second question is whether it is possible to extend the current cure trees? I tried adding a level 3 cure to the Liver tree but couldn’t get it to recognise it and kept throwing an error on “”. If it is possible I’ll keep working on it, just curious.

Finally, thanks for a great game! We’ve almost finished all of the scenarios in the main part of the game and really enjoyed it, looking forward to more DLC or your next game, whichever comes first :slight_smile:

Hi Tom, thank you very much for the post, I’m so glad you enjoy the game!

Regarding your questions about modding:

  1. Is it possible to specify the type of cure created? - Unfortunately not, that actually never crossed my mind, but would have been a good inclusion if I thought of it.

  2. Is it possible to extend the current cure trees? - Yes, it absolutely should be possible. The effect modding can be a bit finicky but if you post your here I should be able to point out the issue. :slight_smile:

Regarding what comes next, it will probably be a brand new game which I’m currently working hard on. It’s in a similar genre, so hopefully you’ll like it :slight_smile: .

I’m hoping to announce it early next year. Feel free to subscribe to my development newsletter here … er-signup/, if you’re interested (but no pressure!).

Hey, thanks for your reply that’s awesome. I will post my file for adding a level of cure a little later on as I don’t have it available right now. I look forward to hearing about the new game you’re working on - if it’s like Big Pharma then I’m sure I’ll be a fan.

Hi again,

I couldn’t attach a .data file to the post so I’ve just included the Liver tree below - I haven’t changed anything else in the file anyway. Probably something very obvious which I’m missing but an extra pair of eyes is always useful, particularly when it’s the guy who made the game!

Thanks for your help.

I can spot one error, there is a missing comma after the “contractionRate” line for the liverdisease cure.


Other than that it looks good. A good tool to use is which will help spot little typos like this. Only issue is that you have to strip all the comments out first, which is a bit of a pain!

(Comments are any lines starting with //)

Hopefully that will work for you now. :slight_smile:

Thank you! That’s great, this was the problem running it through a validator but your eagle eyes have helped.

Try this tool: json formatter