Modding Social Events

I have been working on some modifications for social events and have come across a very weird problem. When I add my social event in the excel sheet it works perfectly fine. I can run the game, no problems, my event comes up, it works, perfect.

However, later I decided I wanted to take it out. So I remove the line from the excel sheet and when I do, it gets hung on the loading screen. If I add the line with my social event back, everything works fine. Take it out again; gets hung up.

Now I figured it’s something strange like how a line delimits, however I feel like I have tried everything. I left a blank line at the bottom of the CSV, I added extra commas to the even of the text of the CSV, add /n to end of the text of CSV… nothing works and I just can’t figure out why it is hanging up.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Update: Still having the problem with the load screen hanging.

I created another event (so now there is two) and added it. Works great. When I take either one of them out it hangs.

All I can think of is a variable somewhere that keeps up with how many social events there are? To explain better…

Say I started out with 14 events.
I add two modded events, so now total is up to 16.
I take one out, so now 15. LOAD SCREEN HANGS.
I add one in (even if it’s a different one) as long as I’m up to 16 again it works.

I have no idea why it’s doing this… All I can think is of a counter maybe that is expecting 16 events to come through because that’s the maximum that there’s been, and when it doesn’t find that 16th event it gets hung up trying to load it.

Any help please???

Still no reply?

Nope, I have not heard anything back :frowning:

Necroing an old post here, but I suspect the problem is you’re loading an old savegame that contains references to the removed social event. Basically, if you remove events you’ll break your old saves. If you can start a new game but not load one then that would be the issue. If you can’t even start a new game then that’s something more serious.

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