Hi, I just want to say I LOVE Big Pharma, after checking an application that records time of use between applications and I have played over 79 hours since I got it. But even though it’s in beta, I want more after doing all the scenarios so I looked at the game files and noticed its file structure was very much like Unity’s, so what are your opinions on the community modding the game and thus then sharing them? Are we allowed to as I’ve started to learn the game’s unique format and are very interested to start?

Moidding is cool. We have never been against modding, its what makes PC games so great. If you want to develop mods for the game, feel free :smiley:

Then I will be the first to admit that I would love to play a narcotics lab mode. :slight_smile: Should be called “Walther’s kitchen”

Maybe DLC eh? :slight_smile:

It’s indeed a unity game… you can look at the code by going to /Big Pharma_Data/Managed and using dotPeek or a similiar C# decompiler on Assembly-CSharp.dll :slight_smile:

Total conversion mod idea: Industrial Revolution.

You are an industrialist in 1738 with a little factory space where cotton comes in, and you have a roller spinning machine available to produce yarn. Each ‘day’ is a week, and you’ll move through the stages of the industrial revolution as machines like the Flying Shuttle, Spinning Jenny, and Crompton’s mule are invented.

Factory power is first provided by a waterwheel, which needs to be mechanically connected up to each machine, and later steam power.

As you progress, you unlock the building next door, which is your families Coal mine - set up transportation systems and water-pumps working from the different Steam Engine components you’ve unlocked. Research can go toward deeper pressure-capable pump systems, higher-volume pumping etc.

Yep, please feel free to mod, but be careful, due to the patching being done using a difference system rather than full replace, if you modify any of the game data files and then patch the game, they will become totally garbled.

In future I’m going to incorporate some features to make modding a little safer, so you can have a mod separate to the main game files. I would suggest that it might be worth waiting for these features, especially if you are thinking of sharing your mods.