Model based routing


I would like to produce multiple car models at the same time (“Premium” with leather, navigation, panorama roof AND “economy” with only electric windows for example). But it would be nice if the paint area and engine assembly could be shared. So it would be good if different car models could be “routed” to turn left or right at conveyer junctions.

(Bonus: Would be nice if there were “economics” built in with different demand for base vs. premium models etc.)


I was just thinking it could be better if cars were designed before production. As the car passed through each section, it’s options would determine what features are included. They would still have to be unlocked like normal, but car models could be assigned to production lines.


+1 for this suggestion.

A system where cars were built to order, or the assembly line switched to produce Model X according to a schedule would be great.


Loved the idea!
Also some car manufacturing plants like Nissan make this!