Model market equipment requirements (More fun game with this) Production line

Make model market with specific equipment requirements.

Like make Norway market (Seatheat, foglight, catalyzer, electric window) required
French market (Aircon, power steering, electric window, rear view cam)

This will make two specific productionlines. perhaps with some basic parts of it combined with two outlets.

Car will only sell in market when meeting equipment requirements. Market has a limit selling value.

This will make it interesting to make several custom productionlines meeting different market requirements.

You can make a quest like progress in game with this. Constantly giving the player new goals, in form of markets appearing over time.

I agree and we select what markets we want to sale the car in . And Also we would haft to research to see what market wants what and how much they would pay. I also be leave that there should be a re working on how cars are sale if we want to sale it online or a contract type thing where dealer ships sign a contract to get X amount of cars.