Model Profitability

I sometimes struggle with the economics of the current game build (1.53 / 1.54 timeframe) and I think one of the major areas of concern is setting the pricing of the various models. Adjusting the premium percentage feels disconnected and doesn’t really show the impacts to your bottom line. Specifically, I don’t see anywhere where model profitability can be directly checked. The screen where you set models and their features merely shows what the perceived market value of the feature is, not what it cost to manufacture (unless I’m missing it somewhere). Would be nice to see this breakdown for features and the base car itself, taking into account the current component prices. This would also help with what components to start locally manufacturing, especially if the game calculated some hypotheticals here. For example, this is what this model costs to make when buying components vs. manufacturing 100% of the components.

While the component screen nicely shows the current prices, you’d need to pause the game and do a good amount of addition and multiplication, per model, to see how much profit each model is actually clearing. This is very cumbersome, and the game should be able to easily calculate this.

I agree. As I understand it, currently it’s

price of the car + features + extra margin % = final cost for customer

In my opinion it should be:

For example:
[Cost to make car: metal, glas, rubber]+[features]+[margin%]= {Price1}

{Price1} + {premium margin%} = FINAL PRICE vat not included :slight_smile:

You should see te margin in % and dollas.
You shoud see te premium margin in % and dollars.

Both of them together are your actual earnings.
And it would be cool if you could set both of them in %.

I have to agree that it would be nice to see some sort of Gross Margin displayed