Model "Snowflakes"?

Now that mental health and social media addiction are going to be modelled, shall we model “Snowflakes”?

By this I mean anyone who cannot handle a view different from theirs in the American sense. As this would include people of all walks of life and not just “Millennials” or “Liberals”.

“The Millennial Snowflake”:

  1. Kids Today Are Being Socialized to Think They’re Fragile Snowflakes - Scientific American (

“The Conservative Snowflake”

  1. Opinion | The Power of Petty Personal Rage - The New York Times (

“The Liberal Snowflake”

  1. Opinion | The Power of Petty Personal Rage - The New York Times (

“The Wikiflake”

  1. Snowflake (slang) - Wikipedia

Not to confused with a collection of snowflakes called a snowstorm, in which case, yes, a collection of hypersensitive people can knock you on your ass! :wink:

This could be largely ignored as it seems to be more a colloquialism, and I don’t know whether it is backed up by studies.

Although alternatively, I imagine that they are, as “Snowflake” seems to just be a neologism (new word) for “hypersensitive” (not to be confused with sensitive/nice/neurologically sensitive people). Which could indicate mental health issues. So this could merely be subsumed under that category.

Hypersensitive (Irritability)

  1. Irritability - Wikipedia
  2. Adult Outcomes of Youth Irritability: A 20-Year Prospective Community-Based Study

I only mention this as a separate category than mental health as it got a lot of media attention in the past.

This is merely for conversations sake and can probably be subsumed under “Mental Health” unless Cliff and the community feel otherwise.

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