modify save

Hello everyone,

I’ve started a new game with some parameter (like mandate duration, difficulty level, etc) and I want to change them during my game.
Because I made a very good game, and I am proud of it (:-), so i would be able to continu my game until a very good country.
But I have chosen a too short mandate duration, so the game overing after two mandates.

How can I change this little parameter ? In a txt file maybe ? I passed few hours on and don’t want go back to make the same choice …

Please, help me.

(sorry for my english, I’m french)

Hello BenjiBoy,
Great to have you with us.

You have found a good strategy? Great!
If you start this country again and try the exact same policies
all will work out fine for you.

Have no fear … , same country, same red situations,
apply same policies, you will achieve same results.
Successful leadership in D.3 is pretty much reproduceable and repeatable.
No need for cheating, here!!

Si vous avez trouvé une bonne stratégie
vous pouvez commencer un jeu nouveau et essayer les mêmes politiques exactes.

N’ayez pas de peur … même pays, mêmes situations rouges,
appliquer des politiques mêmes, vous obtiendrez mêmes résultats.
Un leadership efficace en D.3 est assez bien reproductible et répétable.
Pas besoin de tricherie, ici!

Amites Betino