Modifying Text Files Q&A

That is the classname? What’s it for? What kind of different things can I put here?

Be very careful with the classname. That datum is what tells the game engine just what sort of overall “family” that module belongs to. All shield generators include “SIM_ShieldModule” as their classname… that’s what tells GSB to make them operate as shield generators. The remaining values in that given module’s textfile basically just define the extent to which it functions as a shield, you see.

If you have an existing module that you wish to mod some changes to, make certain that you don’t change its classname! You can only have one value for that, so forget any soopar-kewl plans of (for example) modding a shield generator into also being an engine, a torpedo launcher that also emits an EMP beam, etc.

Drats. I was hoping to make some interesting “secondary functions” for some uncommon module choices. Like giving some special armors an EMP shield value, for example.