I know it’s late. As in really late. Most people are playing GSB2 by now, but I’m going to upload this anyway, since there might be a few people who still play GTB every now and again. So here:

A modpack which provides you the hull, propulsion, weapon, armour, and shielding necessary to turn an infantryman into a UNSC SPARTAN supersoldier. As a bonus, it contains my recently completed MAC airstrike.

-‘SPARTAN’ infantry hull (An extra defense slot)
-‘SPARTAN Augments’ propulsion (FAster than Super-Spring Powered Exo Boots)
-‘M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle’ (Spartan Laser) weapon (Laser weapon which deals heavy damage, but has only four shots before resupply)
-‘MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour’ armour (Better protection than energised)
-‘Personal Energy Shielding’ shield (Infantry shielding
-‘MAC strike’ airstrike (2 extremely high damage strikes. Long reload.)

All of which with an augment costs 1175 supplies in battle.

Download here: mediafire.com/download/1t4vy … AN+Mod.zip

I’m working on an improvement in the form of a single unit and not a swarm of them like infantry. I might attempt to make them a small tank.