Mods and overpowering

I’m looking for mods that add ships, weapons, races, etc etc but doesn’t unbalance the game.

I downloaded a battleship and its like a one man own machine.

Any help would be awesome!

I would like to think that my Uni-T mod is rather balanced against the Vanilla races - however thats just my opinion. I have also recieved comments that it is over powered, over nerfed and just right.

In the end i can only suggest that you download it and try it for yourself :slight_smile:

My mod “Galactic Concordium” is almost 80-90% balanced with the original races, and my beta mod “Earth Alliance” is also very good balanced at all. Balance a mod at 100% is almost impossible, but with time and experience u will get a closer average rate -.-

My mod is currently overpowered. I will figure out how to balance it eventually.

Balancing is difficult because the original races are not very balanced. I am still not sure rather or not to set the benchmark on Tribe, or maybe something between Tribe and Alliance.

All races are weaker than the Tribe, so u should make the balance workaround with the Tribe, just make weapons with no overpowered damage (max 400-500 dmg for a super weapon and a very high fire inteval and very low tracking rate). Balancing a mod is hard, but u only need to be aware of 3 or 4 values, fire interval, damage, tracking speed and range. Those are the essential parameters to make a try on the balance issues. After those, u will need to play with armour penetration, shield penetration, speed, etc… the basics are, if the weapon has very high damage, the fire interval needs to be very high and the tracking speed very low, no matter wat xD (unless u make a “tactical” weapon). If the tracking speed is really low (under about 0.50) u should increase the range of the weapon. If u make some versions of the same weapon, u should increase the range on the weaker ones, and increase decrease range on powerful ones…

well, this is some of the things i am aware when i am balancing my mods, but there is still alot of work to do, cuz everytime u play with your mod, u notice different things that u change in real time.

I think there are more to it then that.

The whole is greater then the sum of the part. So take scavenger for example

Brocken Cruiser with
Power Reinforced, Crew 1, Tribe Repair, 4x Ultra Heavy Armor + 4x Hadronstrahl + Engine 5.

81.44 Armor Resist, 0.5 speed, Weapons pieces armor and shield with super high DPS, and 2586 cost.

As for my Ancient mod, I think the problem is me “optimizing” it too much rather than any given part being overpowered. Most of the other race are not very optimized, so you might be stuck with low hardpoint cruisers/large hull/no armor tank/bad fighters/etc. So for example if the Order crusader has 8 hardpoint rather than 6, the entire race will significantly improved. Same with Swarm has a smaller cruiser hull, or if Nomad/Alliance has a good dual hardpoint fighter hull, all these things plays a huge role in a race’s effectiveness.

That said, I think it’s the “lack” of optimization that makes each race unique.

The basics are still the same: to make a mod with ships that can fight in equal conditions against the original races of the game. Thats the point, so it doesnt matter wat method do u use to make the balance (i was talking only about the weapons, that is the first thing u need to be aware for balancing your mod), the final end is to make sure u will need to make a good strategy to win against the original races scenarios and not only picking your best cruisers and sending em to the battle… or almost that u can win the original races scenarios with high difficulty. But i think , because all the mods outhere, that the balance thing is going to be promoted to work on the mods around there and not over the original races… btw, 84 armour resistance is already overpowered (not too much, but it is). Almost 99% of the weapons of the game will not be able to pass throught that armour.

I don’t think missions or the campaign really tell much about balance.

And Scavenger mod isn’t mine… I was just using that as an example of an overpowered setup that can easily be overlooked when designing a mod.