Mods by myself, questions and positive messages.

Firstly I want to present myself, I’m a Brazilian and I have 15 years old. I’ve always liked games, however I don’t like anymore, I just play now simulations as Democracy or others simulations (racing and flying). And I really want to say thanks to Cliff for his incredible work on Democracy!

It’s simple but it simulates and represents politics really well, and by modding we can correct what we think should increase realism.

I did some new policies, but they have icons used already in other policies.

Abortion Approach (Good for Liberal and Lifespan, but not so good for Religious and Conservatives)
Minimum Wage Control (You can now increase it and decrease then it affects just a lot of things, and also needs a lot of political power)
Military Spacial Program (I think you can imagine)
No Hungry Program (Provides Food for the Poor)
Sanitation Dept (I think you forgot this one Cliff, this one is really important!)

I’ll be making those available for download those, and if anyone explains to me how to create icons to policies I’ll be very grateful!

I created also Brazil mission, this one is very especial, it has an HUGE debit and his expendures on Debt Interests are pretty big, I tried to make it the most realistic possible, and I think I reached it kinda… I make the values be consistent to the reality (at least on my monetary, R$ but theres just $ there…), there’s 100 million of voters.

Thanks Cliff!

Can you modify your Brazil mod to be a South Africa one? Both countries are wealthy but also have huge poverty and unemployment issues!

Where can I download your Brazil mod?

Where can I download these? I WANT THEM.

Considering they last logged in November 2010 I think the answer is no.