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2 things

when i create a rocket with the has_splines and lower the speed they don’t seem to ever get to there target, they end up going in circles. can someone confirm this? if this is the case is there a way to add the smoke trail to say a missile, which is all i want


i have noticed that in a salvo fire for rockets and missiles that the next shot in the sequence wont fire until the previous shot either hits or explodes. is this also correct? does this mean that the weapon wont recharge for its next salvo untill the final salvo goes off?

thanks in advance

First of all - Welcome to the Modding Forums :slight_smile:

I will answer the easy one first “has_splines” activates 2 things on a missile.

  1. Travel in a spline shaped trajectory
  2. Use smoke trails.
    You can not have one without the other unless you mess around with the standard files - possible, but not recommened.
    I cant answer the other part about the slow rocket only traveling in circles at the moment since i am at work where no games are alowed :frowning:

You are quite correct, the salvo option is not avaliable for Plasma or missile weapons. This has been asked for in several locations and we can only hope that cliff will one day enable this atribute which will open the doors to all sorts of wierd and wonderful weapons.

The closest thing we have to salvo fire at the moment is multi warhead missiles which split at launch

awesome thanks for the reply now that i know it doesn’t work i can stop fidgeting it to death.

by the way awesome mod