[module] Imperial Megashield

I figured the Empire could use a good shield for their side, since they seem to be rather weak on their bonuses. Pros: huge number of shieldpoints; decent resistance. Cons: insanely low recharge; cost; weight.

Decide for yourself if you like it. :wink:

category = “DEFENSES”
classname = “SIM_ShieldModule”
cost = 500
crew_required = 20
description = "In our wisdom we threw out quickly charging shields for shields so strong they

needn’t recharge! Aren’t we devious?"
guiname = “Imperial Megashield”
hitpoints = 50
icon = module_shield_turbo.dds
lockable = 0
name = “cruiser empire megashield”
powerconsumed = 17
recharge_rate = 0.001
resistance = 20
shieldpoints = 1200
size = “CRUISER”
slot_type = STANDARD
stack_effectiveness = 0.9
unlockcost = 0
weight = 110
uisortpos = 2070
restricted = “empire”

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL
4 = shieldpoints,DECIMAL
5 = crew_required,INTEGER
6 = resistance,DECIMAL
7 = recharge_rate,DECIMAL_MULT,1000[/code]

If you’re not sure where to put it, navigate to the GSB “data\modules” folder and save this in a file called “cruiser_empire_megashield.txt”.

is that it.? just cutting and pasting code to create txt files?

will try this when I get home, does it just appear on the module options .?

What you want to do is in the root folder make a folder of your own. For argument, MyMod is the name.

Then in MyMod you have more folders: data/modules/ In THAT modules folder, place a copy of a module you want to alter, give it a new name, and mess with it.

Then in the game’s data/installs folder, you place a txt file called MyMod.txt that looks like this as the content:

[config] path = MyMod

This will allow your mod to exist without mucking up the stock game. If you move the MyMod.txt file out of installs, the mod won’t load.