Module Slots

Hey guys, has anyone figured out how you would go about say, making the module slots look smaller so it doesnt look like you’ve bunched everything up? (by module slots i mean where u click-n-drag weaponry/equipment to the ships).

not in the ship deisgn, but you can make it less cluttered in the battle by making the turrets smaller. but there is no way to make the slots smaller as i recall.

how do you make the turrets smaller?

Theoretically, you could use the code for turret emplacements (IE, one hardpoint and 2 turrets) to “pull” the hardpoint itself further from the hull.

Unless I dreamed it, alliance python cruiser hull does that.

You are correct, it has 2 hardpoints that are placed a little off the hull, with one turret emplacement further inwards on the hull.

yeah thats what i have been doing - i have the normal slots actually sitting on the hull and the turrets siting off the hull on the sides

To make the turrets smaller depresso
Open the turret module you want to change in notepad
look for “turretsize =” and change the number to something smaller.