Module Stat Display Tool

Would it be possible for someone to create a program that can

A. Sort modules/weapons (maybe hulls) by their stats
B. Create “tables” that can be saved/opened (like MacNud’s, which gave me the original idea)

Reason for this is that I’m trying to base a mod off of Darkstar’s Unity/Union mod, and, well, its rather overwhelming to try and read each of the module’s stats and categorize them.

Try Kemp’s GSBEdit:
It is a work in progress, I think alpha right now (correct me if I’m wrong), but it can open existing and create new modules, and you can easily view their stats.

I don’t think GSBEdit will be a good fit for what Shylo is looking for. It looks like he wants a tool which summarises the modules, presumably in a table-like form which lets you sort by damage, range, and so on. Does that sound about right Shylo?

Yes. Maybe could be an add-on for GSBEdit (as you could create modules and see how they compared to others)

I had an idea while ago for a n overall strength formula for modules, which is based on splitting the stats into 2 categories: functional in-battle(weight, ROF, armor, etc.), and not useful in-battle (cost, crew, power reqs, etc). But I scrapped the idea because I didn’t know where to start.

What I was thinking of was that the program itself would be able to open a module’s file, extract the data, and display the data in a table.

Or he can simply click on the characteristics of the module ingame to have the comparative with the other module of the same kind.

I know, however, they’re not the easiest to read, and only show one stat at a time.