Module Targetting

Targetting certain modules would be a great tactic move… giving certain priorities, imagine your fleet targetting the enemies shield module making them unable to recharge, and that in turn makes the repair modules more important… or certain important weapons…

Imagine what possibilities that gives you…

Yes. Although first we need the shields to actually go down if the module is destroyed (currently they’re unaffected… Although in practice, usually the shield is down before this happens anyway, but not always.)


while i like that idea in general, i don’t think it would fit to gsb.
the game is becoming more and more like any other random rts arcade game the more influence you have.
gsb stands out because you can’t exactly specify the attacks.

and perhaps, especially shields could become useless then compared to armor, because armor cannot be “knocked out”, since this isn’t he way it’s working.
shields already get penalties the more you equip…


I’m thinking a “target subsytems” command, telling ships to target repair systems etc, at the cost of actual hull damage…

Also, don’t you just hate it when you get a ship dead in space, all weapons and modules disabled, just waiting to be killed. Maybe ships should be able to trigger a reactor overload, hitting everything in a wide radius, as a final act of defiance.

I have to agree with Driver on this one. The control you get over the combat is in what guns you bring to the table. The penetration mechanic already gives us the ability to “target” shields and armor at least. If you want to specifically negate the enemy’s shields, then bring ships loaded to the gills with high-shield-penetration weapons.

Not sure whether this would work best as an order or as a module (special kind of power plant). Probably both - equip your ship with a high-explosive reactor and tell it to go KABOOM!