Module Upgrades not Usable to Build

In the HQ I spent Honor to purchase some 3 module updates, but then when I am designing a ship they are not listed as usable options.

The Modules I purchased are now shown at the bottom of the list in the HQ, and read “You have already purchased this upgrade”.

As far as I’m aware, the upgrades are not dependent on any other unlocked module/hull/race. The module descriptions them selves say nothing about any dependencies.

Is this a bug or am I not understanding what needs to be done to use them upgrades?

When one is new - or even not quite so new (been there, done that) - to GSB, it’s very easy to unlock modules of cruiser equipment and then mistakenly expect to install them aboard frigates or fighters, and vice versa. Are you certain that this isn’t the case here? It would certainly explain this otherwise baffling fault. Each hull class has its own family of items, and mixing & matching items across different hull classes is not possible.

You’re right! I figured it out shortly after posting. The Modules should really be organized by ship type, then by purpose. Having them all jumbled as though they were the same doesn’t make much sense. Yes I know they’re organized by price, but that is just binary, can I afford it or not. The ordering should be more intuitive and purpose driven; “I want to upgrade the X on my ship type Y”.

Now I just have the game crash every time I select the “Hulls” part of the HQ. Pretty sure that one is a bug and not user error.

Hello, there, i have exactly the same problem.
I bought this game via the humblebundle, GSB run smoothly this WE and now, the game crash when i try to select the “hulls” button in the HQ.

I have already tried to unistall and reinstall but the same problem occured.
Any hints?

Hello. I was having same bug with “hulls” part of HQ, but it started working after 30 min of playing. I just entered “hulls” after 30 minutes and everything was fine. Maybe that will help.