Modules Locked after Version 1.44

After version 1.44 was installed, I went to the ship designer to modify some of my designs and found that most of the modules that I had previously unlocked were now locked. I verified that they were locked at Fleet HQ. I’ve completed all of the missions so I can’t get any more honor points. How do I get my modules unlocked again?


Hey there, Maybe take a peek in this thread here may have the woirkaround your looking for, outside editing and other kind of stuffs.

You can always refight the battles you completed using less honour than previously. You will get the difference. Most of the easy missions should be able to be done with 5000+ extra honour. If you fought all your battles maxing your honour up just fight them with as little as possible. I still can niggle out a few hundred honour in my missions just by making my fleets smaller and more efficient.

In the end you should have a huge surpluss of honour.


Thanks, I added honor points and that took care of it.