Monarchy Policy

Are you planning to have a policy involving Monarchy for the countries it makes sense??
I´m from Spain and right know there is a huge public discussion with Monarchy and our former king is fleeing the country for money laundering and tax evasion reasons

Not sure how this will affect the game but I assume Monarchy:

  • Will have a cost for the state
  • Super hard to cancel in terms of political cost
  • Good for Foreign Investment or National Companies investing elswhere (Not sure here)
  • Bad for Democracy (A king is not elected)



Currently monarchy is a flag that is hard coded for each country, but I can imagine it being a pretty cool policy to implement. Abolishing the UK monarchy would be one hell of a political shake-up…but theoretically could happen.
Its definitely something we should think about later in development. Probably a policy that you could cancel but not re-implement though… unless you declare yourself king/queen :smiley:

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Franco didn’t make himself king.

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I agree that the ability to abolish the monarchy should be included (for Canada and Australia too)

The restoration of a monarchy is a very rare event and likely not an event we would see anytime soon.

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Francisco Franco was not a monarch. He declared himself “Caudillo” (Dictator) and ruled in the name of the King of Spain, who officially remained in power but was demoted to a merely ceremonial role with all the power resting with the Caudillo. Dictator and monarchy are two different things.

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Exactly. He restored the Spainish monarchy, but he didn’t make himself king. Therefore someone else could do something similar.

Wouldn’t that change the UK flag? Would love to see the republican flag added in for extra flavour though that might be too hard to code.

The problem with the British republican flag is that the Hungarians are already using it.

That’s true but I don’t think Hungary is gonna get added into the vanilla game, also surely there’s another republican flag that could be used for the UK