Monetary mod

Hi, Seamus!

Don’t worry, I’m not killing the mod off just yet! I’ve actually been putting a fair bit of work in.

If I do stop working on it, I’ll be sure to e-mail you what I’ve got.

At the moment - I’m right in the middle of my exams, and they’re fairly punishing. My exams finish in February and then I have two weeks with nothing to do - so I’ll have time to work on it then.

If I get a chance, I’ll definitely have a go at releasing something earlier.

Most of the work at the moment is actually in tweaking the different values and how they affect one another - the objects are all in there now.

I always appreciated the unification of trade into a single ‘foreign trade’ item. Why do you need to separate imports and exports? It adds a touch of realism perhaps, but most effects imputed to them have turned out to be mythical. Mercantilist ‘balance of trade’ theories don’t stand up well to examination. Are there other theories which rely on the differentiation of imports and exports?

Post-Keynesian theories state that trade imbalances between countries cause global economic volatility, that’s one I can think of.

so i can assume this mod is now dead, seeing how its almost April. If you want me to finish the mod just email it to me,

Hi Seamus,

Sorry for the lack of updates! I had… “paused” development while I waited for the new patch (1.23) to be released on the Gamersgate version. I didn’t want to update all of the databases only to have them incompatible with most people’s versions (because I was planning to change some core game files, rather than just adding new files to My Documents). Then my new semester at uni started, and I got swamped with work. I was also distracted by blogging:

Gamersgate is STILL downloading as version 1.21, so I’ve given Cliff a heads-up.

If I can’t get it sorted out, I will e-mail you everything I’ve got (although, so far, it’s just some icon graphics and database entries, without values attached).

@scylfing - Hehe, well, post-credit crunch a lot of the old orthodoxy might have to be thrown out. But in real life, it’s important to seperate imports and exports when looking at a balance of payments. In the game… I can’t remember why I wanted to seperate them. I know I wanted exchange-rate to affect imports and exports… but maybe it could just affect foreign trade positively or negatively.

Okay, things are nearly back on track. Cliff has e-mailed me and he’s sorting out Gamersgate for me!

I’ll try to update more regularly!

Still downloading as 1.21, unfortunately…

can you email me what you got so far?

Wow, i didnt think self-proclaimed marxists were fans of corporate merchandise, expecially when its developed by microsoft.

its software, if it is made, I might as well use it.

Well, I’m afraid it’s still downloading 1.21. It won’t update from within the game, either. Cliff has looked into it, but I don’t think he’s able to help.

And now that I’m in the middle of my mid-term exams, I think I’m going to officially give up.

Several people have asked me to e-mail them everything I’ve done so far - but it doesn’t really amount to anything useful. I have six or seven .dmg files which just display letters “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, etc. These were placeholder graphics until I got everything working.

And a couple of csv files which contain a bunch of empty policies like this:

#,MoneySupply,Money Supply,default,description,0,0,0,0,PUBLICSERVICES,160,300,2,0,0,#Effects,

I managed to empty out the game engine (I think only GDP, _terrorism and one or two other things can’t be removed - they have to be “hidden”). But didn’t get much further than that.

Good luck to anybody who wants to mod this game, it really is a fun little political simulator! I’m just not sure I’d recommend buying the Gamersgate version!


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