Monetization of Kudos2

This is for Cliff Harris, and for any other software developer out there who wants to monetize their work.
A good scheme at this moment, given the great fanfare that your site is receiving:

  1. Sell Kudos 2 at less than Kudos (as you did mention considering)
  2. Make a one-click button at the end of the game for a donation. No new reward is unlocked by donating.
  3. Make it clear to everyone that this will be how the game will be monetized.

Chief reason for this scheme is discriminatory pricing, but BY CHOICE.
The thing is that software development is almost pure fixed expenditure (and little variable expenditure), hence every product sold is pure profit.
The only challenge is to see how fast one can break even with the fixed expenditure and sell for profit.

In this case it is a case of removing the barriers between indie developers and consumers before piracy rears its head. Cliff has done some excellent research and steps to make it so, but i feel in addition to pricing it cheaper, he should have a option for someone to pay more at the end of a game to support. My apologies if this is already done.