money code/cheat ?


I just got the game today and I was wondering what do I need to change in the code so i’m able to start with a little bit more money ?

I know it’s a file in …\Games\Kudos\data\simulation

but what do I need to change ?


Actually just look for the config.txt file one directory above it, make a backup copy of the original, then change “starting cash” from 64 to whatever you want.

ah yes found it, Thanks :slight_smile:

I had another question and don’t really want to start an new thread for it but im not sure if anyone will read this topic :slight_smile:

how do I hire a maid?

I already cleaned my house and took a bath but how do I hire a maid ?

its in the shop, as something you can buy, but in this case, there are ongoing daily costs.

Also note with the cleaning service that you will have to do one final cleaning because they only maintain the current cleanliness level. So if you have flies in your place, they’ll be clean flies, but flies nevertheless.