Monthly dentist visits?

That’s what my cultured, charismatic botanist is notified about regularly. I can only assume he has an advanced case of gingivitis, given the frequency of these visits, but they only appear to be listed as standard ones. He’s never informed about any diseases. Dentist with a crush on him?

Yeah, I’ve noticed the same thing; it seems like my character always has to go to the dentist. I guess five days is a month, so time goes by quickly, but it still seems as if she goes four times a year.

If 5 days are a month, then perhaps it could be varied with a visit to an optometrist, a general practicioner, etc? With different benefits/drawbacks for going/not going?

I think to be realistic the Dentist should be lessened and the Doctor should be added. I also think you could have people getting their hair cut since most people do that on the regular as well, though this is not medical it is something people do. It most defiantly would boost charisma, happiness, healthiness and confidence. :slight_smile:

When I get a haircut, it takes about 20 minutes and I only need it once a year. It hardly seems like something that would require an entire activity for when you’re limited to 2 things per day. The dentist does happen too often, and I like your idea of having a doctor too. Maybe keep the regular interval of the “checkup” event, but change around what’s being checked up. Alternate between a Dentist and a doctor, and if your character wears glasses, an optometrist. Maybe a gynaecologist for women. What would also be interesting would be if the lifestyle affected these checkups. If you are fit, you pass with flying colours the doctor and are extra happy, while your food choices while eating out affect the dentist visit. Only eat healthy food and have a lifestyle with high fitness and the dentist passes you with flying colours, and instead of having a painful visit, you have a happy one.