more / better stockpile


i think there is a need for an other type of stockpiles

a smaler one which need only one space, maybe expandable.
a a bigger one with seperated in and out-lines, so you can put it between a station and an importer. station than have to order from the stockpile.
a 1x3 tile stockpile with seperated in- and outline also expendable.

it would be great if you think about it. :slight_smile:


Was going to add this until I saw your post.

Yes, stockpiles of different sizes would be great.
Being able to place the in/out location (although rotating helps)

The big one for me is being able to actually use them as buffers, seperate in and out squares so I can fill a stockpile from an export and have that feed the slots. Its annoying when the resource conveyors are being tied up with sending to your slots that the buffer you built to solve this isn’t getting filled.

Seperate in and out ports for stockpiles is just about my biggest wish right now (well that and having more money!)