More bugs: Skill loading bug and end-game bug 1.02

Found 2 pretty critical bugs in 1.02.

The first is when you save and load a savegame. Do this, then do one activity. All your skills will suddenly advance one or more levels. It’s like the game is doubling all your skill XP when you reload. I had 10’s in most categories after about 5 reloads.

Second is the end-game. I had 2 shuttle tickets in my inventory. Every day, I reject the shuttle message because I want to leave with a friend.
Day 1 (i.e. “one day left”) comes and tells me I’m running out of time, but fails to give me a shuttle request. Then day 0 comes and tells me the station will self destruct. I can’t clear the message unless I hit “ESC”. No shuttle message. Then day -1, same thing, -2 same thing… ad infinitum.

I believe I went all the way out to day -5 and everyone is all still there, on the station doing their thing and nobody is panicking at any alert… guess the station’s computer is just totally broken and they’re all used to it. :smiley:

Yikes, thank you for letting me know about that. Would you mind sending me your savegame, especially so I can take a look at the ‘game not ending’ bug? That’d be really helpful – sorry about that!

Ah, I believe I’ve now found the source of both of these bugs – sorry about that. Will patch these as soon as I can!

Awesome! Looking forward to giving it a shakedown for you. :smiley:

Just to let you know, as of last night, the update is now live. :slight_smile:

So far so good Mitu, way to zap those interstellar cockroaches! I’ll be finishing up my first 1.03 game tonight in the same manner as the previous 1.02 game to test the ending conditions but everything seems to be running smoother overall.