More corruption ideas!

I hear we like corruption? Let’s bring more in!

This article ( Ambassador sweepstakes underway as figures jockey for plump posts - The Washington Post) made me think about ambassadors, and how politically, they can be used either to put in career diplomats - who are, presumably, good at their jobs - or give cozy jobs to wealthy donors.

The former would help foreign relations more, and the latter would help the well-connected more. The latter would also be more expensive.

Everyone, thoughts on how this would go into the Ambassadors / Embassies policy? Would this make sense?


It would be fun (at some point…way in the future) to add a trustworthy stat to each minister. You could choose to use a minister with extreme loyalty and experience at the price of them boosting corruption :smiley:

and maybe even random dilemmas where a minister causes a scandal that reduces some of your perceptions - you keep them on-board at the cost of trustworthiness / compassion / etc (depending on the scandal), or you fire them & lose a presumably-capable minister.

There was a “minister scandal” event in Democracy 3. It annoyed conservatives and religious. It wasn’t a dilemma however.

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