More Deep!

Hello there!

I woud wish me more depth into the game. I woud like to research different engines like 66kw’s or 190kw’s and maybe even truck’s and maybe even deeper (but thats another point) progression in the engines with different rod’s and maybe an alluminium block instead of a steel one.

Maybe add Security Problems like when we have a 300kw engine and basic breaks its a safety issue and dump the prices into the ground and no one like to buy it and maybe add not-compatible parts like a tractor with a spoiler == -10%.

Maybe add weight to the cars so a 50kw car with 3 ton’s weight is useless for customers. Give me more variables :*

I don’t like the way research is either. Research should be deep. 5 cylinder engine, six cylinder engine, chrome cylinder parts. I don’t care how or what. But that has that research feel for me. The problem is in the game right now; you fight. You can unlock everything, and you still find yourself fighting the AI. Or fighting the systems. The research points don’t work. More and more gets buried behind research. It feels an option for almost everything, but the exual results are missing. It has become a currency. Cheat or unlock as fast as you can. Because without the research it just don’t work. And with it; you miss stuff. The deep shit. The custom paint-job. The micro management stuff. The overall feeling YOU change shit. Sort of speaking. Marketing for instance is something that should always be there. No research required. In my opinion. Even for the most rusted peace of shit possible; you should have the option to sell it, and make a brand out of it…

Thats what im talking about. Woud be interessting instead of a “Research Tree” to have a Exploring Tree where you get “Special Part’s” trough Quality Selling like when you sold 50 5 cilinder eninges you can create six chilinder engines afterwards and maybe a bigger self crafting aspect not only the money aspect when im gonna create engines myself they shoud be a massiv investion… like (in germany) Volkswagen make their own engines and sell it too other companys because they are good.

So when i buy “bad” engines for the basic cars i want to improve my own engines…

So instead of a research tree maybe a crafting tree with simple mechanics like you get a Engine Badge every 20 crafted engines and can invest them into some quality changes of your engines so maybe more power or what ever.

Same goes to all other parts and afterwards we have a very deep system with awesome stuff to do. Even add a timegrinder :b

Maybe also add a “market” where you can buy different parts from other companys because they are awesome… as example a car hull because they use Titanium instead of steel and you pay 150% more just because they have the pattern.

Hopefully the Modding bring us something new… when im finished with my mods from other games maybe i jump over and add something dumb.