More Extreme Police State?


Hello. Currently I bought Democracy 3 not that long ago, and from playing for about a day now I’ve noticed something. In Democracy 3 you in practice really have four options for government. You have a left-wing freedom state, a right-wing freedom state, a left-wing minor-police state and a right-wing minor-police state.

In reality I can’t create a true communist society, nor a true theocratic nation, nor a fascist state. Just very mild-police states that spy on people, but actually don’t take any true action. Does any know if any of these policy ideas have been proposed or are in the Extremism DLC:

Nationalization of All Media
Secret Police Force
One-Party System
Abolishment of all capitalism
Freedom of Speech revoked
Banning religion
Making religion mandatory

and even more ideas? Even though the policies will make a lot of your citizens angry, I would really want to experiment with those policies, and I would like to know how it feels to lead a totalitarian dirt hole of a country. Does any have access to a master list of all policies that are included in the Extremism DLC or care to make a list?


Banning religion or turning it mandatory, fixation of flags on every corner, mandatory singing of national anthem, censorship on internet and other media, putting army on the streets, curfew.

Can’t remember everything.

One party system is achieved through popular implements, where oposition gives up. I don’t think there is that option.


Do you remember if you can put the Media under State control, or Silence Dissent?


I’m not sure. I think there is a ban on private health and private school, as well as censorship. But full media/press control, I don’t believe there is. Maybe there is a mod somewhere.


Right now I only purchased it for iPad.

If I had the option, I would buy the Extremism DLC, but it’s currently not available to iOS. And due to the nature of iOS, I can’t install mods.