More Female Names - 2 new jobs

In this zip file i’ve included:

  • Full names list .txt (obtained from and re-formatted)
  • Femaleforenames.csv (to replace with the original)
  • Couple of jobs (University student, Game Programmer)

Description: Well this simply adds more names to the “random”
name generator, i’ve also included the full list if you like to choose
other ones. I could only add till letter K (the game crashes if you
add more) so sorry about that. Maybe a future update can fix this.
And a couple of jobs which you may find interesting (or not)



  1. Extract the two jobs in My Documents\Kudos\Mods\Jobs\
  2. Backup C:\Program Files\Kudos\data\simulation\femaleforenames.csv
  3. Replace the above file with the one in the zip

(the other file is for optional keeping)

PS: I may do more male names as well (if you like this one) as the list
exists here:

Enjoy :laughing: