More Gratuitous Weapons/Modules

More random thoughts from the depths of my diseased mind.

New evasion module: Holographic Displacer. Makes a ghostlike image of the equipped ship at an offset, causing some portion of the enemy’s shots to target the wrong vessel. (Probably a major pain to code, and basically just a reduction in the enemy’s chance to hit you. Still, would be kinda cool to see). Or a cruiser could project a couple of holographic escort frigates rather than just a copy of itself. Same basic principle. Limited activation period not unlike the cloaking shield.

New weapon: IFF Scrambler. Targets and hits kind of like the EMP gun, only instead of preventing the targeted ship from firing, it scrambles the ship’s targeting computers so that for a brief period it only targets ships on its own side. Could get nasty when directed against enemy AA frigates on fighter-heavy missions. IFF Scrambler is affected by the EMP Shield as well.

Ace, I really like these proposals. Very cool!

The Holographic Displacer is reminiscent of the wild gambit that Adama used at the start of Galactica’s season #3, when a bunch of Raptors managed to briefly spoof the Cylons on New Caprica into thinking that these little combat shuttles were a pair of onrushing battlestars. I would love to see something even slightly like this in-game.

The IFF Scrambler…oh, that’s pure nasty. I like it. Friendly fire ahoy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why thank you sir. It’s nice to be appreciated.

Admittedly, this tkind of trick (especially the “make ships that aren’t there” bit) has been used rather widely in a lot of sci-fi fiction. But to borrow a quote from the Munchkin card Your Shoe’s Untied!:

“It’s the oldest trick in the book. But it works, which is why it’s in the book.”

I’ve been trying to think of variations on the boarding party theme that abounds throughout the Suggestions forum. Essentially, we’re just trying to use the enemy’s resources against them, right? This seems like an easy way to achieve that. And, as the Archduke says, it is pure nasty. Which is a bonus in this game. :wink: