More Gratuitous...

Just a few Ideas i collected over time to make the game more gratuitous. I would like to hear some other peoples suggestions too.

Most weapons are just different colored beams. It would be nice to see a few varying effects on some. For example, Electricity could fizzle along the trajectory or a heatwave effect could be generated from some of the longer lasting beams.

An effect for the EMP cannon. Ok, i know we cant see electromagnetism. But some sort of charging/discharging effect on the weapon.

When a ship has been repaired it shouldn’t look identical to how it was before, But patched.

Ship detonations should be just that bit more epic. When a cruiser explodes I should be able to hear it from the other side of the map. In sci-fi action movies you always see heroes escaping explosions in the nick of time. So explosions should really do some damage and push other ships. It would stop people from clustering ships close together. You wouldn’t do it in real life, that would be plain stupid and hazardous, Having ginormous expensive cruisers floating inches from each other.

Just like lasers have varying effects so should the shields. If i have a reflective shield I expect it to look different from a turbo shield.

when you click on a ship to see its statistics in battle, play a captains report of the current status of the ship. I don’t mean a whole report, but short clip. but things like “Reporting in admiral” “Returning fire!” “Our Shields are down!” “My face! My face is on fire!” ect ect. The downside is things could get a little repetitive. Remember space-battles aren’t a fight between giant spaceships. There a fight between the races inside giant spaceships.

we dont need no " water let the m************* burn , burn m*************, burn…

The Alliance Lightning Beam has a jagged electricity effect. I will agree that it’s pretty cool.

I would settle for a pulsing effect in the beam. Put the P back in EMP. (Look it up if you don’t get the admittedly weak joke.)

Of course, if you’re arguing real life, said “ginormous cruisers” when clustered closely together would generally spend most of their time plowing into each other, since each ship is as maneuverable as the giant metal filled with flesh-and-blood crew brick that it is. :wink:

Which might make for an interesting race idea - sentient machines that can get away with only minimal (droid) crew, and that only because something has to be able to move around to respond to emergencies.

Single entendre?! Does that even count as a joke? :wink:

Well, I said it. So probably no, it doesn’t. Mostly it occurred to me to wonder offhand how many people out there read it out loud and wonder what an emp is.

I would like to see the no-clipping either taken out or have a % chance to impact ships too close to each other (enemies only) maybe tieing it into how badly the ships engines are damaged and whether the ship was moving when they were (British fire ships anyone ? (HMN 1 Spanish Armada 0)

That would really make things a bit hectic. In movies you see giant ships colliding and exploding. If they were to collide things could get a bit devastating. Perhaps too so.

At the moment your ship spontaneously electrifys. even though there is little you can do about it. It would be nice to get some warning. Plus the gratuitous factor of course.

That’s a good idea, shouldn’t be to hard to do either. Work it in the same way with power produced on hulls. Just have a an initially available crew.

What in the name of space-jesus are you on about?

On further consideration, to keep with the true nature of a focused EMP, maybe a stretched laser “bullet” that spreads a bit before it hits its target, rather than a simple beam?

My sentiments exactly. I was trying not to be the first to say anything. Thanks for relieving me of that responsibility. :wink: