More Ingredients and moving compounds between buildings

How do I get more than 15 ingredients, I want at least 30, can you mod it so you can discover more?

I would also like it if the dev added in a way so you could move compounds from one building to another, so you can have a building that produces a lot of Migraine treaters and you can ship this to another building that will process it into something else. It would also be nice so you can have a building specifically for shipping and packaging that will handle all the medicine and pack it up and ship it out.

Not so sure about 30, but I think this MOD allowed 22 ingredients in a Scenario… in the file…


fyi, those numbers by location (7 for Forest, 6 for Desert, etc.) are just b/c of the entries in the “” file. there is a pretty good chance that if you put a higher number, say 10 for Forest, it might just re-use a Forest “discover ingredient” - i.e you might have 2 Forest “moon_fern”, but they would contain differing cures/side-effects.

There are only 11 (non-MOD) cure trees, so the above was repeating use of each cure tree - you could probably up to 30.

Don’t have anything to allow transport between buildings, but for having space to produce a lot of something, see Tim/Dev’s mod “BigBuildings”… it will created buildings with more space.