More Manifesto

After playing another round of this game today, I felt like manifesto was the thing I wanted more out of. When I play, I tend to assess what crises or “red bubbles” are on screen and make a point of getting rid of them. I would like to be able to make this a manifesto promise. Additionally, as I promised to increase equality, it occurred to me that it would be good to be able to promise a green bubble as well, such as promise to create an egalitarian society, rather than a 50% boost to equality.

The other thing that I think manifesto could really play into is promising controversial policy. In this case I was playing as Australia, and looking for potential revenue. I wanted to implement an inheritance tax, but couldn’t get my political capital past 42, despite winning 100% of the vote. I would very much like to be able to promise a specific policy as part of my manifesto, and then have some ability to sink political capital into in incrementally to hopefully eventually get it done.

This could create a game within the game, where a particular controversial policy that I don’t really have the support to do soaks up all the political oxygen while I relentlessly promise that I will “get it done!”. I’m sure we can’t think of anything in real world politics that looked like this.


Agree! It would be very exiting to see the manifesto expanded and to have more options in it. I hope it will come one day

I think that this could slow the game down a lot, but certainly something could be balanced here, such as bringing down the political cost of the inheritance tax.