More moddability.

I would like to see not only tools to make more scenarios and hulls, but also less hard coded things like changing weapon graphics, or making your own ship types, more than 2 sides in a scenario, multiple races on one side, and I would also like to see squadrons of frigates and cruisers as well, like choosing anywhere from 1-5 with a slider, and fighters is still 1-16

alimarin, most of those things are possible to get around with hard work. weapon graphics… well actually you’re kind of right on that one, the turret has to be a certain width and height in the .dds file, otherwise it will cross with another turret, but other than that… not hard coded. making your own ship types, yes that is hardcoded. but you can do some things, like beef up a cruiser and call it a dreadnought or a battleship. beef up a frigate and you’ve got… well actually i can’t imagine why anyone would beef up a frigate to change it’s class. but beef up a fighter, and you’ve got yourself a corvette. more than 2 sides in a scenario is completely unavoidable. no way to change that. but if you mod the game seriously, you can put the ships all in one race, and put different ships in one side. that would make it seem like you’re fighting multiple races. <----THIS I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL. DON’T BLAME ME IF YOU ACTUALLY ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO DO IT. now… where was I? ah yes. squadrons of frigs and cruisers? technically, that would make things go a lot faster, but you can just put single frigs and cruisers in place at a time. and as for the tools…? here’s my opinion:


Not only turret fx, I am talking about, the only way you can get a different graphic is to copy over it, but that makes every torpedo effect that one, instead of having both. Having the ability to change weapon and turret fx would make alot more colorful and diverse looks.

oh. that’s what you meant

Hybrinoid, you do realize that I am the person that made the Enhance mod? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been busy doing things with Enhance. I will be adding Legios and Fantasy Race :stuck_out_tongue: (Fantasy Race is an extreme pain in the ass to add in.)

And everything I have been wishing to litterally have different classes because I want variations in weaponry for each ship type.

I don’t care if you’re the queen of England. you were asking those questions/complaining and i was telling you how to get around those.