More questions ;)

I have had an idea recently. I remember reading around the forums when I came across a huge thread about security teams, and marine pods, and smashing stuff etc.

I read through it and I saw Cliff mention that he couldn’t program it or something (It was a while back). So I thought: Could I use the radiation effect and escape pod graphics on missiles to simulate SSS (The future of the SAS – The Special Space Service) troops rocketing across space to smash up your ships :P.

My problem here is can I use the escape pod as a missile graphic, or will I have to do some graphic editing?

Also, can you add radiation to beam lasers?

Ah yes, and is there a way of adding stack effectiveness to a gun? I’m trying to make a gun that is similar to my shield array; the more of these guns you have, the more powerful each individual gun is. I also think it would be useful for another of my modules I’m trying to make.

Greetings, curtis.johnson… the forum sherriff says “hello”.
I’m also here to say, please be more specific with your subject-line for your threads. Your choice of “More questions ;)” is quite vague and unhelpful, and also makes it that much more likely to avoid appearing when other players use the Search feature on these forums.

IIRC, the escape pod graphic can’t be edited nor can it be used to substitute for any other sprite.

Not in this game – you have to be using GSB2, for that.
BTW it’s because of that very same sequel that the GSB1 forums are so dead. I’m afraid you’re not going to find a lot of companionship here to lean upon.

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Sigh,so many weapon ideas crushed.

And I can’t get GSB 2 yet ;-;

Life’s like that, sometimes. But don’t give up all hope.

There are still plenty of unrealized weapon possibilities out there. The trick is finding the ones which are mechanically possible to be modded into the game.
And the much trickier part after that is finding the ones which are actually tactically useful instead of being a pointless tech-demo that adds nothing constructive & balanced in terms of new tactics & strategy.

Patience, my young padawan; it’ll be here for a good long while to come.

Here I was think I was so smart of thinking up my Assault Shuttle for my mod…
Works though… …Kinda
The radiation effect works though you can make it, I did it with a custom bullet texture…

I’m terrible at art so I sorta gave up making a pod texture :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be happy to work on that, if you look at the in game pod textures and their engine colors then it shouldn’t be too hard.

Ufortunately, GSB2 forums are as dead as GSB1 forums…