More ship classes

Isn’t it better to have more ship classes
like a Destroyer or Capital ship in the game.
Most of these classes can only been seen
in mods but there catogorized cruisers en frigate.

I dont know if this topic is clear enough
since my english is average.

To make it a bit clear.
The has fighter , Frigate , Cruiser.
Where are the corvette , destroyer ,
carriers , dreadnought?

But, with all the available modules you really can create those classes out of cruisers.

I guess I don’t see a need.

some factions have big frigates–call those “destroyers” if it pleases you; call the smaller frigates corvettes

you want a carrier? make one out of a cruiser hull

otherwise, sure, I’d like to see a bigger category of ship, but I don’t think it would balance well with the other hulls

Just like cruisers don’t balance well v frigates
I think a larger ship class has a place in GSB. The problem is that it’d take a major rewrite to put it in

Balance would be a issue. Everything people worked hard for, such a survival scores would probably be whiped out by a fleet of battleships.

yep, the experimentals “goat” destroyer is, fragile for be a destroyer, but im going off-topic.
A good justification for add corbettes, destroyers and carriers is, add with them, new “abilities”, i mean, the carrier can repair faster the fighters and sometimes, launch EXTRA fighters, it will be light but fast compared with a cruiser.
The corbette its really well done in experimentals mod (i love how they explode xD) but, it can be better if, someday cliff adds a new system, the marine crew, i mean, a corbette wich launchs marines in capsule for capture enemy cruisers, that will be GREAT.
Yeah, i know, is not so easy do it as say it, but this are just a idea. The corbettes are suposed to be a good anti fighter-corbette-frigate platform. The destroyers are a little harder to explain, because they should be capable to engage cruisers without blow up in seconds (like the goat do), just with lighter weaponry than cruisers. They should be a good anti corbette-frigate-destroyer platform.
The main objective of this idea is to make even more complex and varied gameplay. apart from having hundreds of new possibilities in terms of strategies, tactics, modules, guns, even orders.

No, I mean destroyer with only destroyers module
and carrier with only carrier module. Cuz i tried
having destroyer vs a frigate and that damm frigate
could easily destroy the destroyer. The Carriers
should have a special click that can launch fighter
in to the battlefield. I dont see carriers who
could repair a fighter that fast.

Obviously, new ships, new modules, i say it.

easy, if you’re looking for big-ass ships, just MOD!!!

It’s not that easy. The modules for the bigger ships will be available to the smaller ones, too…

Easily solved. Give the giant ship powerboost = 500%, then make the giant guns cost 5x the power.

While the smaller ship can use the big gun, it is impractical for them to do so.

the problem with this is then the explosion as it blows up can kill many other enemy ships (this isn’t a problem to me, personally. If a ship is in a tight formation with another and that ship explodes, even in a vaccum you’d take massive damage!

there is no easy way around this,we need more ship classes or we just keep running into these problems
not to mention there is no way of separating classes which are similar

best way would be to tie everything to moddable files so we could create classes ourselves
i hate to repeat myself,but look at Space Empires modding system… that entire game can be modded,the only thing you cant change there is the engine itself

the problem is the classes themselves are part of the engine

^^ I think he means the graphics engine

I meant the game engine.
To larger ship classes isn’t as easy as whipping up a complex text file, it would require some rather extensive C++ coding.

oh. Yeah. I feel stupid now. Good point though. How I missed that is totally beyond me, as I do actually know some (very) basic coding

5x isn’t enough to deal “massive” damage. The power will only be 1000 ish. It takes about 3000 power just to kill a Tribe Cruiser.

Technical issues aside, I couldn’t think of any way to add more ship class without making another obsolete. Even now it’s usually just this 1 main cruiser hull per race.

even in vanilla GSB its 1 cruiser/frigate hull per race (i’m assuming you’re talking about modding bigger hulls)

The idea of being able to mod new ship classes would be a great addition to gsb and it would solve the problems some mods have due to adding new classes within the existing classes. Giving big power outputs to ships isn’t something I like doing, it completely breaks part of the realism of the game when those ships die (a destroyer shouldn’t be able to hit harder with its explosion than a regular cruiser).

The big problem about this suggestion is that Cliffski already stated in the past that ship classes were hardcoded to the game in a way it would involve a considerable rewrite of it to implement this option D: (if I remember correctly, I can’t seem to find that post right now).