More Social Activities

In real life, I don’t drink or gamble, and I’m always annoyed when my character has friends who have strong interests in alcohol or gambling. Then I remembered that I’m not limited to adding things to the game, I can also take them out.

Once I removed alcohol, beer, wine, gambling, and roulette as interests, along with the corresponding activities Going out for a beer, Going to a wine bar, and Visiting a casino, it seemed as if I needed more interests and social social activities. Well, since I removed some consumables, the obvious thing to do is to add some, so now I have the social activities Go Out for Coffee and Go Out for Ice Cream.

If you’d like to have these two activities in your game, add the following to your social_events.csv file. Please note that you don’t have to remove alcohol or gambling to have these in your game. :slight_smile:

#,NORMAL,coffee,Go Out for Coffee,Go to a coffeehouse with friends.,Coffee Drinker,coffee,0,"_random,1.0",“The joe tasted like instant, and the conversation was as lackluster as the coffee.”,“Decent coffee and decent conversation make for an enjoyable outing.”,“Fabulous coffee seems to have inspired everyone to unusual conversational heights.”,“Would you like to go out for coffee?”,0,5,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,“coffee,1.0”,“food,0.5”,“gossip,0.5”,“conversation,0.5”,#,

#,NORMAL,icecream,Go Out for Ice Cream,Go to an ice cream parlor with friends.,Ice Cream Connaisseur,ice cream,0,"_random,1.0",“The ice cream tasted like it had been sitting in that freezer for a decade, and the conversation mostly revolved around how bad the ice cream was.”,“Good ice cream and friendly conversation make for an enjoyable outing.”,“Ice cream that’s like the food of the gods, plus fascinating conversation, make this an inspired evening.”,“Would you like to go out for ice cream?”,0,5,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,“icecream,1.0”,“food,0.5”,“gossip,0.5”,“conversation,0.5”,#,

(To get these to fit on the forum, I had to insert a line break right before “stress,-0.1,_STRESS_DEGRADE”. When you copy these to your social_events.csv, remove that line break.)

Then add the following to interests.csv:
#,icecream,Ice Cream,0.5,food

Thanks for posting these, I was already missing the Kudos 1 version of them. :smiley:

smile Thanks! I’m really glad to know that.

I took the liberty of building an installer for you that installs these two new actiivties. Right now, what it does is blitz those files and replace them with the modded one, so it’s only a temporary thing until I get back from holiday in 3 and a half weeks when I will totally revamp the modding to make it easier.
But if you were going to just edit your default files above to add those values, you can just run this instead: … eCream.exe