More suggestions


  1. paint polish should be the last slot prior to export. No sense polishing the paint before assembly is complete because you will just scratch the paint.

  2. assembly should start with undercarriage (UC, axle, axle, GT) and drive shaft should be part of the engine assembly.

  3. resource conveyors should be able to be dragged through the working square of a slot. Currently if you try to drag it through this working square it will kick the conveyor to one side making it very messy. It is currently possible to place the conveyor on a working square but you have to do it one square at a time.

  4. All All-in-one slots should be able to upgraded to install any part you research. Just create a penalty for it , let’s say it takes a All-in-One slot 10% longer to install the parts then it would take the individual slots.

5: hovering the mouse above a storage slot should produce a tooltip displaying what you selected to be stored there.


1: I like when you are placing resource conveyors that the screen changes to make it easier to see where it is going and where the slot storage slots are.

2: i like how you can put reworks slots in series to give you multiple chances to fix defects.

Disregard suggest #1 as it seems you can place paint polish just before export. I didn’t test this before the previous post.

Thanks for the feedback :smiley: