More Unlockables in the next expansion.

I think there should be more unlockables for me to spend my honor on when you do another expansion pack. not lock up things we already have but, but when new equipment and empires come out maybe some of the stuff can be unlockable. Maybe a idea for a future unlockable could be a fighter based autocannon a gun that has little to no energy cost, so you could have the archtypical starfighter dual gun’s on your fighters I know rockets effectively serve that purpose well but, its just a style issue.

I always agonize about this. On the one hand I agree entirely, on the other, if people pay for an expansion pack, they don’t expect to have bought stuff they can’t necessarily use yet./ It’s a tough one…
Any new stuff in the core game will be unlockable though.

so keep back one or two ‘cool’ and/or race specific upgrades as un lockables and the rest of the content playable straight away. The whole idea of honour points is to earn stuff and for you as the designer, the goal is to get people to play the game more, trying different ideas and being rewarded for it.

either way you’ve got me hooked on this game, and any future content will be brought pronto.

Having not played the demo I was unaware of the the set up and leave/watch game mechanic and was more than a little dissapointed to see you had no control over the battles in progress, coupled with the medium learning curve and the addictive nature of making ships, I can imagine all players built what they thought to be cool well designed ships only to see them get torn asunder. But I thought theres got to be more to it than that and the entire game resolves around strategical thought and trial and error, a very addictive combination.

but back to the main point, this ‘combination’ i mentioned above is a driving force to play the game and earn content within it.

I have no issues with stuff costing honor in an expansion OR in the core game. I think anyone who plays has honor to burn, frankly. Loads of it.

I also think that new modules should be far more race-restricted to created a needed differentiation of races.

Agreed. Also, as I think I mentioned in another thread, if there are additional missions provided (as there were with the Tribe expansion) I would like a few nifty new gadgets to unlock. And if the four basic races each come with three unlockable hulls, I think any new race should have one.

I don’t really care, I have like 100k of legitimately obtained honour.

I played stock and unlocked everything, then I started modding. I’ve tried not to win when testing mods, I esc out most times, but I’ve won by mistake a few times as well, and got a bunch of honor—not that it matted, everything was already unlocked.

eh…? you can win Honour playing challenges …? or just using insane mods .?

Well, why don’t you do both? When people install an expansion pack, let them choose if everything should be available immediately, or unlockable.

Not a bad idea, assuming of course that it doesn’t require an obscene amount of extra coding on Cliff’s part (I really couldn’t say, since I have the programming skill of a dead rat).

haha. i remember once i made the budget and pilot limit for each mission unlimited, so you could have thousands of ships on-screen at a time. but i forgot about the honor thing. so, when i completed one mission, i ended up having so much honor the game, for some reason, gave me about negative 965754856788657465678 honor. (those were, of course, random numbers, but the amount of negative honor i got was absolutely ridiculous.)