Most interesting/unique country you've created

One of the things I enjoy most about the Democracy games is being able to experiment with unique, sometimes contradictory scenarios for countries.

My most unique playthrough so far in D4 has been turning the US into what I like to call a “progressive agrarian theocracy.” This consisted of creating a typical religious state, with the usual stances on education, limited alcohol/drugs/abortion, banning shopping on Sunday, and the rest. I combined this with policies to maximize farmer membership and support rural areas as much as possible (which led to endemic water shortages unfortunately). Finally, and perhaps counterintuitively, I tried to appease liberal tendencies while keeping a lid on racial tension and including as many people as possible in the country’s religious transformation. Immigrants are free to attend whatever religious establishments they desire, while homosexuality is legal and gay marriage is accepted. Gender equality is promoted as much as possible, and a strong safety net keeps people out of poverty. This was fairly challenging to balance out because the sorts of policies that please liberals tend to upset the religious, and vice versa. But through compromises and avoiding extreme policies, I was able to keep both the religious and the liberals quite pleased - all of this while avoiding all negative situations except the water shortage and real estate bubble, and without any major distortions to disposable income.

Next on the list: Intentionally creating a debt crisis/hyperinflation-ridden hellhole in the new update, then attempting to fix it while getting rid of the entire debt.

Does anyone else have interesting and unique scenarios they’ve created so far in D4? Feel free to share here!


Newly elected Progressive Fascist party is dedicated to make culturally and economically centrist country.
This means equal rights for LGBT, ethic minorities, women and other marginalized social group.
They all believe in God and Nation.

While everything is privatized, everyone is subsidized.
Capitalists and trade unionists enjoy their freedoms and rights.

Default settings (playing as UK). Almost everyone voted for me :smiley:

Fiscal conservatism is utter scam according to this game :smiley:

At this point I can reject everything capitalist/liberal or socialist/conservative.

It seems like you need state healthcare at neutral expenses level to fix hospital overcrowding.

That’s awesome! I have to say though, that disposable income graph is crazy. How do you get it to be so lopsided and to have so many people in the highest income group? I’ve never seen that happen in my games. Although I don’t usually run policy extremes (like maxed out state pension or quantitative easing and etc) so maybe that’s why.

Also, how in the world were you able to avoid a real estate bubble in the end without any state housing? Every time I don’t have state housing as an active policy I end up getting a real estate bubble, and that’s with all the other policies (except for rent control) that lower it maxed out.

Its very easy to get disposable graph there - implement all policies, that increase income.

I got rid of real estate crisis by implementing high mansion taxes, mortgage relief and temporarily banning second home ownership.

I can’t get rid extreme nationalism though.
Maybe I would have to remove patriots lol.

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On the American map, i played with max debt and socialism. My party was bank’s asset manager. My head cannon has the keys to the country being handed over to Goldman Sachs. I was the asset manager that needed to fix this mess. In short, debt was paid, America was pure capitalist, and it only took 10 tries. Kept getting assasinated.

I exterminated lots of voter groups :smiley:

They still vote for me for some reason.


How in the world does one not have parents lol
At parenting levels THIS low, youth population should DEFINITELY be lowered

Late term abortions :smiley:

Family planning + one child policy + no policies that increase parents membership.
Those should influence Youth membership with extremely long inertia.

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Genius. My next challenge for you: Try to make as many groups as possible as upset as possible, while somehow still getting re-elected (might require tinkering with press freedom to make your “everyone” opinion as high as possible so you can still win!) Basically, see if you can piss everyone off but somehow still make them vote for you!

I was playing as fiscally conservative authright.

Probably I was close because only capitalists, self employed, conservatives, patriot and religious really liked me lol.

Minimizing group size is the best way to make groups irrelevant and therefore be able to royally piss them off without screwing yourself so yeah that seems likely